Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. The Bard's Abode started off in April 1999 as a place to showcase my wide variety of hobbies. As my interest in photography continues to grow, it has taken center stage. I hold a Masters of Education, I work as a staff member in higher education, and I am a partner in a growing small business venture, so photography is very much a side line for me. Still, I take nearly every opportunity I get to snap a few shots and do my best to gain experience and improve my photographic technique. I have had no formal training, but I have been able to lean on the words and works of others.

As I move forward, I look for chances to experience different genres as I look for my niche. I have a fondness for wildlife photography although I usually have to settle for birds outside my window. Sports and landscapes are subjects I also find intriguing as suggested by my current portfolio. I am hoping to expand into various styles of portraiture as well as pursuing more artistic subject matter. If you've already come this far with me, I hope you'll check in from time to time to see how I'm doing. Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.

Mark A. Gunter

Mark Gunter Photography (general photography)
QuestionMark Photography (model photography)
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