About the Abode

Originally a home for my D&D campaign, Kolanor: Shadows of the Pogrom, the Bard's Abode found its way to the internet on April 1, 1999. Slowly growing to encompass my many hobbies, the site once included my rantings on the Bard's Balcony that basically amounted to a blog before "blog" was even a word. There was a good run of time that I kept the site up to date, but due to circumstances beyond my control, the site was retired in May 2002. Although no longer on the web, I constantly worked on the site design in preparation for a new incarnation of the site. Finally, in May 2006, I began rebuilding in XHTML and CSS. In May 2007, the site was finally brought back online with its own domain name and a bit of server space. Now it is in its fifth incarnation and I have no plans of pulling it down anytime soon.

My roleplaying days are likely at an end, so the once purely RPG-directed Kolanor section will slowly be rebuilt to become more of an almanac. It was once a place to recount the weekly game episodes. In the future, look for a player's guide, short stories, background pieces, and other minutae that are part of the world. For years I have had multiple ideas for novels set in this world. While I am not sure that those will ever see the light of day, perhaps some serialized work may come out of it yet.

Plastic Dice & Metal Men was the name of a second website I briefly had up and running. Here, it will take on the same meaning: a home for my miniature wargaming hobby. Photographs of various games and possibly "war stories" will find their home here.

As you may have noticed, the home page is now very much about photography. This is a hobby of mine that I may some day parlay into a business. Right now, it serves as a gallery and an open advertisement that I am looking for opportunities to expand my craft. Always the perfectionist, I hope that highlighting my photography will drive me to continue improving my photographic skills.

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