Army Backgrounds

It is not uncommon for Flames of War tournaments to require an army history as part of the scoring. The actual history can vary from very simple to very complex. A few examples are included below for inspiration.

14.Panzer Division (pdf) - Jeremey Harder
5.SS Panzer Division Wiking (pdf) - Jeremey Harder
Italian Bersaglieri Company (pdf) - Jeremey Harder
Hungarian Gépkocsizó Lövész Század (pdf) - Jeremey Harder

9 Royal Fusiliers (9RF) (pdf) - Mark Gunter
6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (6AARR) (pdf) - Mark Gunter
The Green Howards (Spring Recruits 2009) (pdf) - Mark Gunter


If you have an Army Background that you would like to share let me know.