Whether you are a seasoned tourney organizer or a first-timer, there are always things you can learn, borrow, or steal from others for your own event. Likewise, as a tourney participant, there are ideas for how to improve your experience in an event. Below are a few articles that you may find useful

Tourney Organizing

How to Run a Tourney (pdf) - Jon Cleaves
FoW Terrain List (.xls) - compiled by Jon Cleaves
Just Another C.O.G.G.(Tourney Organizing) (pdf) - Mark Gunter

Scenarios (unofficial)

Advance to Contact (pdf) - Todd Schneider
Domination (pdf) - I-95 Gamers

Tourney Participation

Display Board 101 (pdf) - Richard Lonski
Thoughts on Army Lists (pdf) - Jon Cleaves

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