Painting Guides

If you are not a frequent visitor of the Flames of War Forums, allow me to introduce you to Tom Wise. If you are a forum denizen, then you already know about one of the hobby's most prolific painters and have seen his work. The man paints, paints fast, and paints very well. Dig around in the Modelling and Painting sections of the aforementioned forums and you'll find a healthy collection of posts featuring his finished models. Having fielded a multitude of questions, he finally decided to not only present his work, but also the madness of his method. With his permission, these Painting Guide posts have been compiled into a .pdf library for easy reference. The guides are loosely organized by nation and type of unit (infantry, mechanized, armor).


101st Airborne Platoon (pdf) - Tom Wise
101st Airborne Platoon (part 2) (pdf) - Tom Wise
101st Glider Platoon (pdf) - Tom Wise
M4A1 Sherman (pdf) - Tom Wise


Guards Armoured Sherman (pdf) - Tom Wise


Char B1 (pdf) - Tom Wise


Late War Grenadiers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Panzergrenadier Platoon (pdf) - Tom Wise
2.SS Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers (pdf) - Tom Wise
RSO Pak40 (pdf) - Tom Wise
Hetzers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Jagdpanthers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Konigstiger (pdf) - Tom Wise
Panzer IVH (3. and 5. SS Divisions) (pdf) - Tom Wise
5.SS Wiking Panthers (pdf) - Tom Wise
3.SS Tigers (pdf) - Tom Wise


IS-85 (pdf) - Tom Wise

If you are interested in contributing your own painting guide(s), please contact me.