1st Annual C.O.G.G.
Flames of War Regional Qualifier

April 25, 2009 - Game Headquarters - Oklahoma City

Fourteen players participated in the inaugural event, a 1500 point Late War event. There was no scheduled theme, so a relatively healthy mix of Germans, Russians, Americans, Canadians, and Scots took the field of battle through three rounds.


Tourney Champion - Jon Cleaves
Second Overall - Steven Hollowell
Best General - Paul Parks
Best Sport - Steve Tinsley
Best Hobbyist - Richard Lonski

Kevin Duffy
Ed Enslinger
Kenny Goad
Robert Goad
Gerry Lane
Morgan MacAdams
Skip Nicholson
Kelly Wilkinson
Charles Yaw

Tourney Organizer - Mark Gunter
Terrain Marshall - Jim Cline