3rd Annual C.O.G.G.
Flames of War Regional Qualifier

UPDATE - Dec 30, 2010
After much consideration, it has become clear that we will be unable to run a tournament in 2011. There are simply too many commitments that take priority and we are unable to give such an event the attention needed to maintain and improve upon what we have done the past two years. We have offered to assist anyone local who might desire to run an event in its place, but to date, no one has stepped up to take on the challenge. We appreciate all of those who have participated and/or supported the past events, especially Game Headquarters
for giving us a place to hold the event.

The information below is left as a reference for anyone who might decide to host an event in our absence.

At the 2nd Annual C.O.G.G., we mentioned that it was not certain that we would be running a third event. Due to a number of circumstances, preparation for our second event was rather hectic. Things are not looking to improve between now and April 2011. However, we were very encouraged with how smoothly things went at the event itself. If forced to choose today, we would have to choose not to run an event in 2011. The next six months (through October 2010) will allow the dust to settle and give us time to explore some rather...interesting...ideas we had in our post-tourney stupor.

Having made no actual plans and without guaranteeing a 2011 C.O.G.G., here is a best guess as to what such an event may entail. Everything here is tentative:

Date: April 2, 9, 16, or 30 of 2011 (Easter: 24th, Festival of the Arts: 19th-24th)
Location: Game Headquarters
Era: ? - Early War is slated for release soon, so expect it to be an option
Points: likely 1500
Rounds: 3 or 4 (2 or 2.5 hour rounds)
Players: 20

If held, we hope to make this a Regional Qualifier for the National tournament in 2011.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them in!