Central Oklahoma Gaming Group

just a group of guys who like to play games

The Central Oklahoma Gaming Group (C.O.G.G.) is not a club, but a loose coalition of gamers striving for a common goal: encouraging a more organized and efficient gaming community in Central Oklahoma. Rather than attempting to create a formal club, the intent of C.O.G.G. is to provide a source of information for the various forums, stores, clubs, and other resources in our area. In addition, contact information for specific individuals with specific interests and talents can be provided to help find additional players, advice from experienced hobbyists, and assistance for organizing game-related events. This resource provides a great place for new players (to gaming or to the community) find their way into the local gaming community quickly as well as providing veteran players a chance to become aware of gaming groups that may have passed by unnoticed. Best of all, it provides a way for everyone to share their specific interests and talents with the community at large, helping to make Central Oklahoma a gamer's haven.

Since C.O.G.G. is not a club, there are no membership dues, no meetings, and no elections. Your participation is entirely voluntary and your role in helping to grow the gaming community is up to you. Let C.O.G.G. know what services you can offer to the gaming community at large ranging from participating in games as a player, organizing and/or running gaming events, or providing a place to game and shop. C.O.G.G. supports a variety of games, game companies, and local game stores.

To encourage a stronger gaming community, C.O.G.G. seeks to introduce new people to the gaming world, new games to gamers, encourage gamers to play with players they have not yet enountered on the game table, and encouraging a range of gaming events. In addition, the information provided by C.O.G.G. can help with the coordination of events to increase the visibility and attendance for all events by eliminating, as much as possible, event scheduling conflicts and providing a common listing of event times and contact information.