Download the 2010 Terrain Briefing

C.O.G.G. has set a goal of providing first-class terrain for every tournament we put together. For C.O.G.G.’s 1st and 2nd Annual Flames of War Regional Qualifiers, ten tables were ready, eight were used. We currently have enough resources to put together more than ten solid tables, but if you believe you have a first-class table that should be included, we will consider using it.

First-class terrain should be both aesthetically pleasing and very playable. Aesthetically pleasing terrain is well detailed, pleasing to look at, and coherent. Ideally, a table should look like a snapshot of a place you could find and not just a random collection of out-of-scale models. Playable terrain is exactly that – playable. Area terrain should be well defined and consistent in appearance. It should be obvious where a model can fit between terrain features. In general, something that would block Line of Sight on the model should block Line of Sight on the board as well. Any special rules for terrain should either be suggested by the terrain pieces or require minimal explanation.

Notes from the April 2009 event

If you have a table that compares favorably to C.O.G.G.’s current tables and you feel it would benefit the tournament, please submit it for consideration. Photographs of your table from various views or, if possible, a first hand inspection well before the tournament will help to determine the table’s suitability.

For this tournament, please keep in mind that it is a generic Late War tournament. The tables will represent various locations, both real and hypothetical, and they will be of varying terrain densities (nearly wide open to very dense) and terrain types (fields and forests to urban landscapes).

For further information regarding terrain or to submit a table for consideration, please contact the tournament’s Terrain Marshall, Jim Cline.