2nd Annual C.O.G.G.
Flames of War Regional Qualifier

April 17, 2010 - Game Headquarters - Oklahoma City

Sixteen players participated this year, a 1500 point Mid War event. With no scheduled theme, there were ten German forces, a couple of Italian forces, and four Allied forces (American, Canadian, and Soviet) present for the battle. This year, we introduced two special rules. In the first round, the Attacker was allowed to choose to attack at dusk, dawn, or during the day. In the second round, random foul weather played a roll. In both instances, these were variations on the Night Fighting rules.


Tourney Champion - Jon Cleaves
Second Place - Kelly Wilkinson
Third Place - Richard Lonski
Best Sport - Gerald Lane
Best Hobbyist - Gerald Lane

Kevin Duffy
Jeremy Estes
Josh Farmer
Kenny Goad
Robert Goad
Greg Horner
Matt Johnson
Wyatt Kappely
Morgan McAdams
James McGraw
Steve Tinsley
Kyle Watts

Tourney Organizer - Mark Gunter
Terrain Marshall - Jim Cline

Thanks to Jim Cline for contributing a few photos of the event.