C.O.G.G.'s 2nd Annual Flames of War Regional Qualifier

These were the rules in effect for our last event on April 17, 2010. With slight modification, these are likely what we stay with in the future.

Game Headquarters
April 17, 2010
Mid War - 1500 points
3 rounds of 2.5 hours each

This event is a Regional Qualifier for the U.S. Nationals Tournament for 2010. How many qualify depends on the number of players that show (12 players = 2 qualifying slots, 18 players = 3 qualifying slots).

Required to Enter

Army list is due on or before April 9, 2010. Please note sourcebook or pdf and which list you are playing.
Force must be FULLY ASSEMBLED and PAINTED (more than primer or base coat)
No proxy models
Be on time, enjoy the games, and treat everyone involved in the event with respect

House Rule in Force

Remote Control Demolition Carriers (DC) will use the following rules changes (p216 of hardback rulebook):

In your turn, move the DC into position and announce that it is going to detonate
At the start of your next Shooting Step, the DC detonates
Since your opponent has a turn to react, there is no defensive fire against the DC


The first round will, as much as possible, consist of Axis v. Allied battles. Attention will be given to preventing first round match-ups between players with a history of games (same club, frequent gaming together, etc) to allow everyone a chance to meet new opponents. Subsequent rounds will have players paired by VP total, attempting to maintain Axis v. Allied battles where possible. You will not play on the same table or against the same opponent twice.


Tournament Champion, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place

VICTORY POINTS on the battlefield will determine these titles, using the VP system in the rulebook.
To qualify for these, a MINIMUM of seven Best Sport points must be earned.

TIE BREAK SEQUENCE: 1) Win-Loss Record, 2) Winner of any head-to-head matchup, 3) Total Sports and Hobby Scores, 4) Points awarded by participants in Sports and Hobby categories, 5) SHOOT OUT!*

Best Sport Award

For each opponent, check each item that describes your opponent's approach to your match:

After your final game, rank all opponents in order of personal preference to receive the Best Sport Award.


Hobby Score

For each item marked by a tourney official, the player earns one point towards the Best Hobby Award

Each player will rank their top two picks for Best Army nomination based on overall presentation of the force


Sport & Hobby Tie Break Sequence

1) Highest VP total, 2) Win-Loss Record, 3) Winner of any head-to-head matchup, 4) SHOOT OUT!*


In the unlikely event that a tie for any title comes up, a Shoot Out will be conducted. The nature of the shoot out will be held in strict confidentiality until such a situation arises. Rest assured that it does involve models and dice and will last no longer than ten minutes...assuming that much time is needed to determine the outcome.